List of unauthorized brokers by FCA

1st invest broker
1stclassfx investwithjulia
2 way fx bergio financial
24 news trade
24cash lender 24 cash lender
24hr trading academy ltd
2dots limited t 8infx
360 capital management limited t 360 capital markets
365 binary option owned oproserv ltd
365 markets
4rex prime ltd ta standard bit option
4ufx forex brokers
500 investments cabsy holdings ltd
53 capital trade
7online redrock ltd
a1 loans
a3 union
aa capital
abacus marketing services
abarcas solutions
abberley capital
abbey house acquisitions
abc direct solutions
abc finance
abd world group
abel myers consulting
aberdeen langley
aberdeen mortgage management
aberdeen trust
abf capital management
able alternatives uk ltd
able capital
absa wealth management
absolute global markets
abus services
ac alternative
accer mergers acquisitions
access loan
accredited global services group agsg
ace developments
ace financial
acorn consulting
acorn investments
acquisitions 21 pte ltd
acv operations srl
adams taylor group ltd
addison management group asia
addlerley davis
advance futures limited
advance trading systems
advantage iec
advice consult inc
advisorcorp ltd
advisors network llc
aec investments aec investments group
aegis acquisition corporation
aequitas financial llp
affiniti associates limited
affinity group investing trading style msgroup limited
afi alternative financial investments
ag group advisors
ag private wealth
agf markets
agfx also trading agfx pro
agifx also known agi forex and agi markets
agp atlantic gaming partners
aib asset management
aifa global market
aifa golbal market
aig options cmc options
aimdex group limited aimdex limited
aims management
ainsley consulting sl now known mercier international group
airborn investments
aix investment group
aixia limited t t4x binary t t4x signals
aj cox insurance
aj nelson consultants llc
aj wyman associates llc
ajaj group
ajay kumar
akasaka acquisition group
akeem julien
al asset management
al reen capital falsely purporting be authorised fca
alan woods
alberich gerhard securities wordwide
albert price associates limited
albion investment management
alco investment .company
alderman associates ltd
aldershire limited aldershire capital aldershire global trading
alderton consultants
aldrich limited mergers acquisitions services
alert nation
alexander rothko associates
algobit ltd trading astrofx
algotradingsoft broker limited algotradingsoft global
all settlements inc
all your options
allen hall
allgreen capital ltd concept4x
alliance capital management
alliance capital market
alliance capital securities ltd
alliance direct management
alliance financial services
alliance investment group
alliance private bank
alliance private equity llp
allianz global investors fund
allianz international group
allied advisory
allied capital consultants
allied financial trust bank
allied lucent
allied partners financial
allmedia limited t gallant finance
allow loans
ally tuxedo bank plc
almamarkets limited t safemarkets
alpha algorithms t fomax capital ltd
alpha corporate consultants ltd
alpha invest
alpha oil inc
alpha properties
alter capital
alternative asset group limited aag
alternative assets group
alternative investment group
alternatives research group
alv group
alverton international consultants
always finance working capital 4 u
amadicia ltd epic ventures ltd t 72 option
aman investment group aman trades
amazon home
ambro investment research
ambros group
amerex trade limited
american diversified holding corporation
american environment energy inc
american first city corporation
american taxation
amethyst bullion limited
amg capital partners ltd
amg zurich also known associated management group
amherst international
amk trust ltd
amkel capital
amp trading group
amr business services llc
anahera and partners
anaru and partners
andaman asset management
andersen consulting uk
anderson collins
anderson fitzpatrick switzerland ag
anderson goldstein
anderson mccormack group sl
anderson mccormack group sl 0
anderson price
andreas geiger financial
andrew clayton advisors
andrew papadopoulos mr
anf financial
anglo china securities
anglo swiss consulting
anglo wealth limited t anglo wealth investments
annes diary
anoli capital international inc
antek global consultants ltd
anthony carter
anthony michael naughton
anthony odonnell
anthony williams
anytime loans
aone credit
aox capitals aox trade
ap alternatives
apex capital associates
apex consulting online
apex financial group ltd apex f g ltd
apex international consulting group aicg
apex management limited
apex stock transfer inc
apex uk loan
apollo financial management
appleton associates
apsilon ltd t marketradeco
apus capital
ar facility
arab anglo finance
arcfin group
archway trust
ardea capital lp
arden asset management limited
argentum caveo
argus global equities limited
argyle group
aria hope hope area
arielbank plc
ark consultancy scotland limited
arkol insurance brokers
arkwright property management development
armstrong knight
arrow merger consultants
arrows financial corporation
arsu asset recovery solutions
arthur forbes consulting
asashi mergers and acquisitions group
ascensus international
asco investment services
ascot management group
asg markets
ashby limited
ashford financial group
ashford langley
ashley partners mergers acquisitions
ashton lewis group
ashton moore developments
ashton young and associates
asia pacific limited
asia world capital
asian capital group
asian direct capital management
asian foreign securities and .compliance department
asiatic associates asiatic acquisitions
asic trader hellax corp
aspen greene ltd
asprey associates
asset backed investment
asset consulting consultant services
asset life plc
asset link international
asset management protection amp
asset recovery group
asset restoration facility
asset trust management
assicurazioni rossi riccordi ltd
associated management group
associates financial advisors
assured finances
astaria group
aston capital based frankfurt
aston forex aston markets
aston forex aston markets
aston midshires insurance
aston rowe consulting
aston wealth
astuto insurance also known astuto associates and car insurance warehouse
atecs capital
atlantic administration
atlantic capital trust llc
atlantic global asset management
atlantis mutual
atlanus limited
atlas capital sa
atlas consultancy
atlas global recovery solutions smart standard solutions
atlas wealth management ltd
atm loans uk cash cloud uk
atsuko ventures
attlee wurth
atwood james sa inc
atwood stanley asset management
au f auf limited
aurum astrum ag
auto pawn sale
ava capital management
avacia investments avacia limited avacia securities limited
avalon consultancy avalon group
avalon consultants ltd
avante corp llc
avery kingston capital
avi trading corporate transfer service
aw advisory
axe invest medar partners ltd
axeworth securities
axiom equity research corporation axiom equity
axiom international
axis capital group
axis capital limited
axis corporate finance
ayrshire debt solutions limited
b cooke ltd also trading couture consulting group ltd
b gelman
b gold international llc
b trade
b1 insurance
b2s forex
bachman barber securities llc
bachmann roth advisory
back track loans
bad credit car finance uk
bad credit history
baecker dresner saltzmann
bailey and mergers and acquisitions
baker bains
baker finch partnership
baker hamlin
baker mckenzie consultants
balquidder advisers limited
baltic concert llp t idb trades
banco fx banko fx
banco ing espana cloning website fca authorised firm
bancorp finance
bank invest capital gme ltd
bank monarch ltd
bank street securities
bankhurst securities
banque internationale ltd
banque priv%C3%A9e edmond de rothschild
barclay hoffman
barclay trust international
baron group limited
baros and ronaldo associates
barrett and packer
barrett associates
barringer co
barrington group
barrington lynch
barrington securities
barringtons asset management limited
barton rose
basic investments ltd
bauer and associates bauer consultants
bauer associates
bauer weiss
bauer weiss associates
bautista de la cruz and partners
baxter ford associates llc
baxter international
bayer investments
bayliss clarke limited
bayshore nominees ltd
bayside equity group
bb e consultants llc
bba capita capital management llp
bbs consulting best broker service
bcg wealth group bcg markets
bd ctly limited
beacon pointe securities
bean group uk ltd trading bean wealth
bearing management
beaturcover ltd
beaumont greene partners
becka trades fx
becker chapman asset management
becker finch waldman
beckett cromwell
beijing international finance group
beijing securities
bel or bel uk
belgium financial group
belgrave acquisitions
bell international asset management
bellshill insurance services limited
bellsouth capital partners
bellview financial
belmont capital new york belmont capital holdings
belmont group belmont wealth advisory
belmont shaw and associates
belverdere capital partners
bembridge assurance
bench group aka bench group options
benjamin tate associates
benjaminfisher sl
benson bpo llc
benson hill advisors
benson mines consultancy benson mines
bentall kennedy
berkeley connect
berkeley financial limited
berkeley hedge
berkley murray securities
berkley wyatt limited sl
berkovic consultants
berkshire mayer associates
berkshire tax consultants
bernburg investment bankers limited
bernstein securities
bernstein whitman lloyds
berresfords motor insurance
berrington stone
berrscott elliott associates
berson trading
berwick asset management
best bond rates
best bonds
best financers
best fixed rates bestfixedrates
best investment
best investment bonds
best loans limited
best property investment
best rate bonds
best rate isas
best rate savers
best returns
best uk bonds
best uk investment
best uk loans
betterfixedsavings betterrateorguk
big time global services limited
billmen associates
billson capital partners
binary escrow
binary tilt chemmi holdings
bingham consulting group
bio gas generation
birchfield consultants
birchmore group
biscayne international corporation
biscayne planning center
bishop parkes advisory
bishop wagner shaw
bit holdings
bit management ltd
bit trading trading style aba exchange
bitcoin evolution
bitcoin loophole bitcoin news trader
bitcoin revolution
bitcoin up
bitprofiting operated finance advisory gmbh co
bitqs app
bk coin
black diamond equity group
black rose financial
black swan wealth management
black white investments
blackbird clear limited
blackbird leys credit union
blackdale consultancy
blackmore stanley
blackrock wealth partners blackrock wealth blackrock wealth group blackrock wealth sa
blacksea investment ltd
blacksmith investments limited
blackstone 500
blackstone international finance
blackstone royalty corporation
blackstone securities ltd
blackswan morgan
blackthorn wealth advisory
blackwell advisory
blackwell asset management
blackwell capital
blairford consultancy
blake capital partners
blakemore 66 group
blakestone property bond fund
blanc and baumar
bleaxmond trading style alephlink solutions ltd
blix group
bloomfield advisory
bloomfield trust management
blooming finance
blossom hill investments
blue crown asset management
blue delta asset management
blue moon loans
blue nile consulting
blue ridge capital partners
blue ridge financial group
blue sky management
blue source strategies
blue trading blue group
blue whale investment management
bluecrest beacon fund
blueford consultancy limited
bluegate .commodity ventures
bluehill capital venture
bluelight financial
bluerock financial services
bluesave buen solutions ltd
bluestone asset management europe sa
bluestone investment strategies
blundell oliver
board international finance
boerum holdings
bolero bpo llc
bollinger finance
bolt finance
bond advisor
bond and prince
bond asset management
bond checker
bond .compare
bond .compare uk
bond .compare uk 0
bond .comparison site
bond consultants uk ltd
bond finder
bond genie
bond market
bond office
bond people
bond search
bond select
bond select uk selectbondsuk
bond stop
bond supermarket
bond supermarket bond supermarket
bond supermarket uk
bond.compareorg https
bonds .company
bonds finder
bonds investment uk 0
bookers trust
bora bora bank bora bora wealth
bornwell group .company bornwell group limited
boska settlement corporation
boston acquisition group
boston legal .company
boston private law group llp
boulton capital partners
boulton price international
bower best consultants
boyd landis ma
brachmann finkley
brachmann inter dealer services
bradford and feldman consultancy llc
bradford group
bradford peninne insurance
bradford securities llc
bradley and rogers bradley rogers llc
bradley chen associates
bradley hill holdings
bradley king m
bradley nowell llc
bradlodge limited bradlodge corporate trading
bradstone healy pratt
bramwell kent consultants llc
brantons group
braun and brandt consulting firm
braun bridgewater corporation aka bbgc corporation
braxton knight ltd
breckland trading
brecon global
breeze finance ltd t green group investments
bremer financial limited
brenner and associates
brentwood capital ventures
brentwood hall
brentwood trust .company
breslan allied limited
brewer consulting group
bridgemead advisors limited
bridgestone global partners
bridgestone trading
bridgewater asset management
bridgeway corporate management
bridgeway group international
bright bridge wealth management inc
bright finance
bright futures limited
brighter trade t ingoten ou
brinkmann may limited
bristol mayers securities llc
brit group
britain bonds
britain britt loan
britannia swiss equities
britannia wealth
british bitcoin profits
british bond capital
british bond .compare
british bonds
british bonds 0
british bonds 1
british bonds 2
british bonds .company
british capital investments
british debt advice
british greatfount capital gf capital
british lenders limited
british market
britt finance
brixton business consultants
brm international
broadgate metals
broadgate research
broadwood finance
brock hartwick
broker unity brokerunity kode tech solutions ltd
brokers .community market effect
bronx finance .company plc
bronze fx
brookbond limited trading whitehorse capital
brooke point limited broke point limited
brookepoint brookpoint ltd brooke point
brookes and hargreaves
brookes associates
brookfield partners
brookmore partners brookemore partners brookmoore partners brookmore associates
brooks and fisher associates
brooks and hawthorne consulting ltd
brooks fairbrother
brooks smith
brown and bullock capital partners
brown and wenger consultancy firm
browne mackenzie
bruckmann rosser
bruckner ferdinand
brunswick knight
bryant shaw llc
bsb global trading style lotens partners limited
bt save
bts stanley group
bull bear advisory
bull option
bullishcoin bs creative management ltd
bulwark insurance
burke advisors ltd
burlington corporate management
burlington ltd
bursanet aka bursatil clearing corporation
bursatil bank group limited
bursatil financial
burton capital partners
burton reed
business choice partners group knight service group
business finance world
business grants and loans
butterfield advisors
buy uk bonds
byrd fleming and associates
c 7 limited
c letlid loan and finance .company limited
cabbot law group
cadden international ltd
cadman mergers and acquisition
cadogan united securities
cainsfield international group
caixa bancaja
calderton capital partners
caledonian equity group
calibre cars trading name autotech kent car sales cranbrook ltd
callpoint ltd srl utrade
calvin sanderson associates
cambridge equity corporation
cambridge financial partners llc
cambridge global inc
cameron and beaumont ltd
cameron mcdonald co
cameron poe associates
campbell browne associates campbell brown
campbell martin limited t imagine mortgages
campbell merger solutions
campbell partners ltd
campbell stewart advisory firm
campton capital partners
campus investments plc
canary wharf group
cannon corporate consultants
cannon solutions limited
cantata equity management llc
cantwell international
cap governance llp
capital card
capital city holdings
capital club 1 limited t capital club
capital concept investment
capital edge group
capital finance
capital finance limited
capital finances
capital force ltd
capital force ltd zoomtrader
capital funds
capital gain investments
capital intel group
capital investment group
capital mergers and acquisitions
capital one forex
capital one management inc
capital resource development .company
capital securities first capital securities .company ltd
capital seven capital 7
capital standard corporation
capital swiss partners
capital tech limited
capital trust ventures
capital value brokers
capital venture
capital way eastridge capital
capital way group capital group
capital wealth fund
capitalcoinx capitalcoin fx direct coin limited
capitalinform limited sa
capitalxp trading style quattro holding group limited
capitol acquisition management inc
capitol hill group
capstone capital group
capzone invest ltd t hq broker
car hire cheap car insurance 17
car insurance warehouse
carbon advisory council
carbon credit active limited
carbon credit emissions limited
carbon credit international
carbon credit offsetting
carbon credit specialists llc
carbon exchange inc
carbon green solutions
carbon soulutions
carbonvest limited
carina asset management sloane court capital ss co consultancy limited
carlisle capital group
carlson clarke management group
carlson group consultancy
carlton birtal advisory services sl
carlton brown sa
carlton capital inc
carlton first capital group ltd
carlton global management
carlton webber
carmine hoffman law firm llp
carrington group llc
carrington noble
carter banks
carter campbell carter and campbell
carter corporate law
carter flanagan limited carter flanagan private asset management
carter fs carter fs finservices
carter james sl
carter lee financial services
carter sinclair
carter webb
cartius finance
cartwright blyth associates
cartwright brown wealth advisory
cartwright investment group
carus solutions ltd
cash buddy
cash canopy uk
cash financers
cash fx group
cash lands credit xpress
cash match
cash my pension
cash one finance
cash pals
cash saga
cash valley
cash window cash window payday loans
cash your pension
cashbery limited cashbury international limited global decentralised .community cp pension services james cockle capital solutions
castle rock corporate finance
castlemire limited
castlewood corporate partners
cathay asset management
cavendish investor wealth management
cavendish knight asset management
cbc legal group
ccx capital
ccx markets online media solutions ltd
cd equities
cdc securities limited
cdh insurance and finance consultants
cdn law firm
census capital census capital group
centdesk centdesk capital limited
center finance management
centex resources
central and eastern european markets asset management
centurian protection llc
ceoardy haleemlifts
certi uk
certified financial consultants inc
cf sum trading name bestfolio consulting ou
cfd 1000 limited
cfd premium
cfreserve trading style imperial app limited
cfs plc falsely claims be regulated fca
cfx markets
chadwick seymour associates
chamberlain and co
chamberlin management inc
chapman butler llc
chapman fisher k chapman fischer
chapman mediation group inc
charinton group gmbh
charles drake associates
charles hirsch capital management inc
charles pearson investments international
charles ross associates
charles schwartz international
charles stanley associates
charles wurth associates
charlton hayfield co
charming money limited debt vanish debt rid
charta alliance limited investment supermarket
chartered investments
charterhouse international inc kensington price consulting
chartis mutual group
chase mc millan limited t chase mcmillan
cheap insurance broker
chelsea management group inc
chelsy fund sa
chemmi holdings max cfd
chester credit union
chester harris co inc
chesterfield credit and trust
chesterfield financial associates
chesterfield international partners
chesterfield ltd
chesterfield partners
chesterland credit union
chevron private investment limited
chiba associates
chicago board acquisitions inc
chicago law group
chilton reese associates
china beijing global trading
china beijing mergers acquisitions corporation
china merchants international corporation
china mergers group
china trust underwriters
chinatsu partners
chloehenx chloefxtrades
christian lavigne
christmas loans
christopher brian financial consultants
christopher gregory williams
churchill advisory
churchill brewin associates
churchill strauss
cibc bancorp ltd
cic insurance .company avv
cic insurance .company sa
circle bonds
cisa sl corporate investment services
citadel holdings plc
citi capital partnership
citi finances
citi security finance
citicap equity consultants sl
citigroup investment citigroup implementation services limited
citizens advisory
city financial limited
city fx broker
city loans
city one marketing solutions t belmont venture capital
city partners
citywide associates
cjr investments
ck investments
cl investing
claim circle
claim yours limited
claims advisory group
claims assist bolton ltd
claims assistance uk
claims consultants
claims deflect limited
claims network limited
clara currency analyst clara forex analyst
clarington group
clarion global group
clarity market resources
clarksdale corporate partners
clarkson gordon ltd
claybourne group
claymore capital
clayton fisher advisors
clayton group
clayton phelps
clayton pressman ivy international
clayton wealth advisory clayton worth advisory clayton wells
clean coal technologies
clean energy reports
clean planet investments
cleantech europe escrow lp
clear gains limited
clear save clearsave clearsaveio
cleeton corporate partners
clifton financial services
clingstone bank plc
clinton king
clinton parker inc
cls consultancy
club isa
cmbs portfolio
cmd acquisitions
cnb acquisitions inc
co2 tech ltd
cobalt finance group
cohen corporate consulting
cohen dressner
cohen edwards asset management
cohen green advisory
cohen group
cohen hayward international
cohen partners
coin boost inc
coin life coinlife
colbert welling
colby mergers
coleman and partners
coleman brothers
coleman kleinfield associates
collett quinlan ma
collier consulting group llc
collingbourne group
collins and bell
collins bone partnership
collins tate murchison
collway investments and funds
colonial square acquisition llc
colony capital associates
columbia direct corp
columbus advisory