Bank Wire Intelligence Report –BWIR

Getting scammed by a fake broker or merchant isn’t just a case of buyer’s remorse. Unfortunately, it takes evidence to persuade a bank of that. Often, the attitude is that once you have sent money through a bank wire transfer, the deed is done. However, you don’t have to be satisfied with this, especially if you have been swindled by a fraud. That’s why you need a Bank Wire Intelligence Report or a BIWR.

What Is a BIWR and How It Can Help You

What’s a BIWR? A Bank Wire Intelligence Report is a detailed summary of our thorough investigative process into the suspected fraud that stole your money. You’ll need this kind of evidence to convince the banks to recall your bank wire transfer or freeze suspected accounts where your funds are hidden. 

If you have made a bank wire transfer to another party that you suspect could be fraudulent, naturally, you’ll want to make sure the people holding your money can’t launder or withdraw it. This means filing a claim with a bank. The problem is that the person or organization you are dealing with is a customer of the bank. This means the bank will ask for solid evidence before taking action against a customer account. 

This is where a BIWR is crucial. These reports will back up your claim with evidence that will be meaningful to banks and will encourage them not only to take action against suspected accounts but can help you in your pursuit to have your funds returned.

What’s in a Bank Wire Intelligence Report?

  • Summary
  • Warnings from Regulators
  • Wire Confirmation
  • Corporate Structure
  • Proof that Beneficiaries and Merchants are Unregulated
  • Persons of Interest
  • Company Registration Extracts

A BIWR begins with a Summary of the case, including where it began, a timeline of events and a summary of findings after a thorough investigation. We also include Warnings for Regulators to show that the alleged fraud was on record as a suspected fraud. We show the Wire Confirmation to prove the money was sent. 

The next section of a BIWR is Corporate Structure, which describes in detail the structure of the operation. We also show Proof that Beneficiaries and Merchants are Unregulated and names of Persons of Interest, including real names and aliases. The BIWR also shows Company Registration Extracts to show the history of the operation and any documents related to its regulation. 

Do you Have a Claim and Need a Cyber Intelligence Report? Talk to ReportScamOnline

Speak to our experts today if you are trying to track down your stolen funds. We will consult with you, gather information and launch an investigation immediately. We’ll present the findings in the form of a cyber intelligence report that will bolster your claim and help you find your funds.