Cyber Intelligence Report

We live much of our lives online. Whether it’s weekly grocery shopping, jobs, classes or just catching up with friends, chances are, it’s on the internet. Although many people make money online, lots of others lose their funds–sometimes their entire savings–to online scams. 

What can you do if you’ve lost money to an online fraud? A cyber intelligence report is the best place to start. The ReportScamOnline team  will create a cyber intelligence report after launching a full investigation into your case. These reports are valuable tools for tracking down your funds.

What Cyber Intelligence Reports Can Do for You

If you’ve lost money to a broker or merchant your suspect is a scam, you may think your first move should be to file a complaint. While claims are important, a claim without corroborating evidence may simply collect dust. A Cyber Intelligence Report supports and validates your claims and gives the authorities a head start helping you uncover your funds. 

What’s in a Cyber Intelligence Report

  • Overview
  • Connected Brands
  • Alleged Owners/Operators
  • Payment Processor Providers
  • Main Companies
  • Technology Providers
  • Persons of Interest
  • Regulator Warnings
  • Relevant Media References 
  • Lawsuits
  • Corporate Registrations

The Overview will give a full account of your case, including how the situation began, and a summary of conclusions of the investigation. Connected Brands identify other companies, operations and products that could be a means for the other party to disguise their identity and perhaps even channel funds. This section could also point to accomplices and other operations involved in the fraud. Alleged Owners and Operators are the names and alternate identities of the people who seem to run the suspicious operation. Payment Processor Providers may or may not be involved with the fraud, but they could have additional information that can help with yoru case. 

The Main Companies section identifies those involved in the alleged scam, including detailed information about the broker or merchant. Technology Providers also may also be helpful providing data that will assist the investigation. The Persons of Interest section gives names of the people who are in charge of the fraud and mainly responsible for illegal activities. 

The Regulator Warnings section outlines statements issued by regulators cautioning the public against the alleged criminal operation. Relevant Media References may include publications that have published critical information about the suspected scam. Lawsuits and other court cases demonstrate the shady history of the cyber scam. Corporate Registrations reveals information about the company and whether or not they attempted to hold a license. 

Do you Have a Claim and Need a Cyber Intelligence Report? Talk to ReportScamOnline

Speak to our experts today if you are trying to track down your stolen funds. We will consult with you, gather information and launch an investigation immediately. We’ll present the findings in the form of a cyber intelligence report that will bolster your claim and help you find your funds.