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ReportScamOnline was created to educate our visitors on the dangers of online scams and online fraud. We also provide a platform for scam victims to report a scam, report scam numbers and report scam websites. In addition, we provide a number of solutions for scam victims who have lost a significant amount of money to recover the lost funds.

There are a number of clues that could point to the fact that someone is scamming you online:

Forex or cryptocurrency brokers that are not regulated by a trusted financial authority.

Emails and social media ads with poor spelling and grammar are a dead giveaway that a scam could be lurking nearby.

Company websites with no trace of a physical address or contact number should be treated with a lot of caution.

Unfortunately, criminal activity has become so sophisticated when it comes to online scams, that identifying, tracking down and recovering your funds directly from the scammer is next to impossible. This is why the approach at ReportScamOnline is to go directly to the source of the transaction; your bank. Understanding the fund recovery process and providing your bank with the information and evidence they require to process your request provides the best possible opportunity to successfully recover your funds.


If you have been scammed online and lost a significant amount of money, click the link below and tell us your story. You will then be contacted by a qualified representative to discuss and analyze your case and provide you with a solution to recover your funds

At ReportScamOnline, we don’t believe that going after the scammer will bring any successful results, that’s why we go straight to the source, your bank. Our partners, with over 50 years of collective experience in finance and banking have created a system that simplifies and speeds up the fund recovery time frame. Our proven strategies and rate of success have helped thousands of victims recover their funds from online scams and scam websites.

Knowledge is fundamental to understanding the dangers that are out there how best to keep your personal and banking information protected. Some basic examples include:

  1. Don’t click on any email links sent from an unknown source.
  2. Social media ads promoting “get rich quick” schemes should be avoided.

Fill out the form below, tell us your story and a qualified representative will contact you to discuss and analyze your case. Assistance to report your scam will be provided and a number of solutions will be outlined to assist you with your fund recovery effort should you choose to proceed.

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