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Is Loan Tech a Good Broker or a Scam?

Loan Tech is a broker that makes big promises–to the tune of 3% returns daily. This sounds fantastic, right? No, not to us. We are experts at analyzing brokers and noticing patterns that lead to scams. No broker can guarantee a consistent level of returns–especially not for cryptocurrency, forex, and other risky assets. In addition, Loan Tech is the subject of a warning by the FCA as an unregulated broker. 

We Have Some Concerns with Loan Tech

 It is worth paying attention to a warning by the FCA. Loan Tech is also a suspected Ponzi scheme and an MLM. This means they don’t provide any real services and instead, they just funnel money in and out of the broker’s account. With all of these warnings, it isn’t worth trading with Loan Tech. Any time a broker is unregulated and if it has a warning from a regulator, stay away. Instead, research a licensed broker and find one that has strong independent reviews. 

Loan TechRed Flags

  • No license
  • False guarantees of returns
  • No transparency
  • Suspected Ponzi scheme and MLM
  • Negative reviews
  • Flagged by the FCA as a suspected clone scam

Lost Money to Loan Tech? Talk to Us!

Our experts understand brokers–reliable ones and scam operations. We have researched brokers and have created these reviews to help consumers make the right choice for trading. We recommend that you avoid Loan Tech and instead find a reliable and licensed broker. If you have lost money to this broker, contact us and we will help you locate your funds

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