File a Complaint against COTP

Is COTP a Good Broker or a Scam? One thing is worse than not having a license–a broker who fakes a license. That is the case with COTP, which falsely claims to have a FINCEN certificate. This can mislead people into trading with a broker that actually is unlicensed. We don’t recommend any unregulated broker, … Read more

File a Complaint against StablecoinsUS

Is StablecoinsUS a Good Broker or a Scam? StablecoinsUS sounds a lot like “stablecoins” which is a type of cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies get their name because their value is linked to other assets and therefore, are considered more stable than regular digital currencies. StablecoinsUS presumably wanted to attract fans of Stablecoins, which is one … Read more

File a Complaint against 24CryptoBuzz

Is 24CryptoBuzz a Good Broker or a Scam? Like many brokers, 24CryptoBuzz claims to make trading easy. It says that clients need only to take “3 Easy Steps”–create an account, deposit money and start trading. This broker promises financial growth and claims it handles $5 billion in transactions and has granted $3 billion withdrawals. That … Read more

File a Complaint against

Is Good Broker or a Scam? is not a broker that you should open an account with. First of all, it’s not regulated. Any broker without a license has no oversight and isn’t safe. Secondly, there is very little information about the broker–no identities on the website, no credentials, no licensing information, no … Read more

File a Complaint against Stablegains

Is Stablegains A Good Broker or a Scam? You may think the name Stablegains inspires confidence, because it sounds a bit like “stablecoins.” However, as is clear by the recent drop in cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t seem wise to trust a name too much, like “Stablegains.” In fact, when you visit its site, you’ll notice a … Read more

File a Complaint against

Is A Good Broker or a Scam? says it provides cloud mining, but it isn’t regulated and has been flagged as a suspected Ponzi scheme. In addition to not having a license, can arouse suspicion because it offers a 99% return, which is an astounding amount. Far from being impressive, these kinds … Read more