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Should You Trade with ChainMine? 

ChainMine provides cryptocurrency mining, which is an exciting new financial trend. However, there isn’t very much information about how the client will make money doing this. One of the biggest mistakes people make with financial products is to go for things they don’t understand but are trendy. This is true of bitcoin mining, which sounds terrific, but it is hard for most people to explain. People tend to lose money on these types of investments and dodgy brokers understand this. 

There Are Some Things You Should Know Before Trading with ChainMine? 

The most important thing customers should know before they open an account with ChainMine is that it doesn’t have any proof of a license. If a broker has no license, the customer is not protected and has no third party to settle disputes. Therefore, that is reason enough to avoid ChainMine. In addition, if you want to make money mining crypto, do research on how money can be made this way. 

We Found the Following Problems With ChainMine:

  • Not regulated

  • No transparency
  • No contact information
  • Bad reviews

What if You Have an Account with ChainMine? 

If you have an account with Chainmine we urge you to close it immediately and ask for a withdrawal of your funds. If the broker does not return your funds, you should report it and file a claim. ReportScamOnline will assist you with your claim and can help you retrieve your funds from the blockchain or through a chargeback or wire recall.

Fund Recovery from ChainMine

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