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Is Cboexap a Scam Broker? 

There are times when it pays to keep a low profile and not to give away very much information. However, this is not true of brokers. A broker should provide full information about licenses, who runs the brokerage, transparency about services, terms, and conditions, and contact information. Cboexap does not provide this information. It is not possible to do meaningful research on brokers without sufficient information. Therefore, we can’t recommend Cboexap.

Is Cboexap a Scam or Legit Broker?

There are many regulated brokers to choose from. They show top-notch licenses, a team of professionals with decades of combined experience in the financial industry. If you want to know about commissions, spreads, and terms and conditions as well as fees, you can find all of the data on the website. This is the kind of broker you should choose rather than Cboexap. Do some research and find a first-rate broker. 

Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on Cboexap and reviews:  

  • Not regulated
  • No transparency into who is behind it
  • No information about services, commissions and fees
  • Bad reviews

ReportScamOnline has looked carefully at Cboexap and determined that it is not a reliable broker.  If you have lost money to a scam broker, consult with our professionals and provide details about your case. ReportScamOnline has a track record of successful fund recovery and will help you retrieve your funds. 

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