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Is CashFXGroup a Scam Broker? 

“Expanding Possibilities, Achieving the impossible.” That is what is written on the CashFXGroup website. There seems tto be something wrong right away, and that may be one reason the ASIC, a top regulator, released a warning about CashFXGroup. First of all, this broker has no license. A red flag is that the broker promises the “impossible.” No reliable broker should make impossible claims. Many scam brokers make huge promises to attract clients. However, researching brokers is one way to see that these claims are unrealistic. 

Is CashFXGroup a Scam or Legit Broker?

CashFXGroup does make impossible claims. It says that clients can achieve returns of 20% per month. Licensed brokers return between 5-10% per year. Even in these cases, licensed brokers do not guarantee returns. CashFXGroup does not have any basis to back up these claims and therefore, consumers should follow the ASIC’s warning and stay away. 

Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on CashFXGroup and reviews:  

  • unregulated
  • Warning from ASIC
  • Promises the “impossible’ 
  • No information about the broker on the site 
  • Negative reviews

ReportScamOnline has looked carefully at CashFXGroup and determined that it is not a reliable broker.  If you have lost money to a scam broker, consult with our professionals and provide details about your case. ReportScamOnline has a track record of successful fund recovery and will help you retrieve your funds. 

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