Report Tech Support Scams and Recover Your Funds

It is important to always report Tech Support Scams to ensure you have a record that can be used as supporting evidence where required and assist authorities with tracking Tech Support Scams statistics worldwide.

Tech Support Scams Overview

Scam Type Overview

Tech Support Scams are intended to defraud a target once their confidence has been gained and take advantage of their victim’s trust and naivete in most instances.

Tech Support Scams generally follow a set of steps designed to entice their victims;

Initiation. Advance preparations are made which could include arranging assistants and researching background information needed for the scam.

Contact. The victim is approached by the scammer through email, social media or online advertising.

Development. An opportunity to profit through participating in the scheme is afforded to the victim. In many instances, the scammer will prey on the victim’s greed to impair their judgement and decision making.

Payout. The victim receives a small payout to demonstrate the scam’s success and to keep the victim engaged.

Surprise. A sudden change of events requires that the victim makes a required last minute decision. This is the point where the scam is either successful or fails.

Interested bystander. On certain occasions a co-conspirator, who is in on the scam, may show interest or put a sum of money into the scheme to reassure the victim and add an appearance of legitimacy. 

Fund recovery option

Fund Recovery from Tech Support Scams

Tech Support Scams are responsible for the theft of millions of dollars globally on an annual basis. In order to report a scam and start your fund recovery process, simply click on the button below and let us know what happened. A representative will contact you to discuss and assess your case and provide a solution to recover your funds.

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