Crypto Pocaga Review in 2021 | File a Crypto Scam Complaint

Broker’s rating: 1.6 out of 5.0 stars

Scam Type Overview

Updated Pocaga Review and Information for you to Make an Informed Decision in 2021

The latest crypto Pocaga review suggests that the company operates illegally and without a proper financial regulatory license. 

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    ReportScamOnline now considers Pocaga to be operating an online scam. We recommend that our readers not trade with this broker and if you have an open account with this company, we suggest you try to withdraw your funds as soon as possible.

    How to Report a Scam against Pocaga in 2021

    In order to file a complaint against Pocaga, leave your details by filling in the above form and you will be contacted to review your case and discuss the various options to provide a solution to recover your funds.

    Classic Scam Warning Signs to Look out for Online Trading Platforms

    online trading platform scam
    • Pocaga blocked your account or you cannot log back into your account
    • Pocaga froze your account
    • Money has been taken out from your account
    • Pocaga’s website has been taken down
    • Pocaga is not answering take your calls
    • You noticed that Pocaga took money out from your bank account without your permission
    • Pocaga is offering you a bonus
    • Pocaga is requesting that you deposit more money into your account after you lost a large sum of money
    Phishing scam
    Phishing Scams via Email, Social Media, Sms and Text
    • Communication is received out of the blue and you cannot confirm who or where it is from
    • Communication has a request for you to perform a task such as trying to obtain your personal information
    • Communication has spelling and grammatical errors
    • Communication contains a suspicious link or attachment that you are urged to click on
    • The communication creates a sense of urgency for you to act immediately and failure to act could result in the loss of sensitive information or an amazing special
    Phone scams
    Phone Scams
    • A suspicious call from someone that claims to be from the government and requests a monetary payment
    • A call from someone that claims to be from the IRS or tax authority demanding money for unpaid taxes
    • A request to settle a debt, taxes or other amount owing and to send money via courier, prepaid bank card or gift card.
    • A call that requests your personal information or banking, credit card or investment account information
    • A call from an unknown person that has an incredible offer and pressures you to act immediately to secure it
    Online Shopping Scams and Fake Websites
    • Websites that do not contain “https” in the hyperlink and do not include the padlock icon in the address bar indicating a secure connection
    • Websites and pages that create a sense of urgency
    • Websites with deals that seems too good to be true
    • Websites that do not use secure payment methods such as wire transfers, international funds transfers, money orders, pre-loaded gift cards and cryptocurrencies
    Online Classifieds
    • The classified ad cannot provide proof of the item for sale where the seller can only provide a generic photo taken online. Never trust photos alone and always insist on seeing and inspecting the item
    • The classified ad promotes products or services advertised at extremely low prices, often lower than comparable websites
    • The seller claims to be unavailable or overseas and insists on payment before delivery of the goods
    • The seller asks to be paid via international money orders, checks, direct bank wires or cryptocurrency and will not accept any other form of secure payment.

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