The CNMV Has Flagged Omnium Trading Group (

CNMV has added Omnium Trading Group ( to its list of suspected scam brokers. This is a serious development, particularly if you have an account with Omnium Trading Group ( We urge you to request a withdrawal and cease trading with this broker. If you don’t have an account with Omnium Trading Group (, avoid it and open an account with a regulated broker with a solid reputation. 

What Is the CNMV? 

The CNMV is the Comision Nacional del Mercado De Valores. It is the main financial regulator in Spain and is responsible for ensuring that all financial institutions comply with rules and regulations. The CNMV may take disciplinary action against any of the companies it licenses and can warn the public about suspicious operations that can target Spanish consumers and would-be traders around the world. 

What Are Problems with Omnium Trading Group (

At least one or more of the following issues have been identified:

Licensing Issues

There seems to be a question about Omnium Trading Group ( license. Either it isn’t licensed at all or it has an expired or revoked license. 

Misleading Information

Omnium Trading Group ( website, advertisements or communications with customers may have some false information that may mislead costumes. These could take the form of false guarantees or exaggerations about credentials or the company’s performance. 

Lack of Transparency

We could’nt find all of the information about Omnium Trading Group ( that we would expect from a broker. If you trust your money with a company or broker, you need to know their names, addresses, contact information and credentials. With some of this information missing, we couldn’t establish the identities behind this broker. 

Account Problems

One complaint customers often have about brokers is they can’t get access to their accounts or their requests for withdrawals are ignored. This is a serious problem and is usually a sign of a problematic broker. 

Customer Complaints

To have appeared on CNMV’s warning list, Omnium Trading Group ( must have received numerous customer complaints or the regulator must have found something questionable about their activities. CNMV investigates customer complaints ensures they are valid. 

Have You Lost Money to Omnium Trading Group ( Talk to Us!

ReportScamOnline experts understand brokers–reliable ones and scam operations. We have researched brokers and have created these reviews to help consumers make the right choice for trading. We recommend that you avoid the scam brokers mentioned here and instead find a reliable and licensed broker. If you have lost money to this broker, contact us and we will launch an investigation that will bolster your claim.