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Should You Trade with WillFX? 

WillFX has a sub-par website. This might not be everything when it comes to choosing a broker, but it is an indication of how seriously the broker takes its business. In addition to the lackluster site design and content, there is no discussion of a license, no transparency or real contact information, and very little about credentials. Brokers who seem to offer generic services provided by other financial services but have no license are not worth signing up with. 

There Are Some Things You Should Know Before Trading with WillFX? 

There is no reason to trust WillFX. Without a license, there is no oversight or protection. Customers do not have recourse in case there is a dispute with a broker. Therefore, we recommend doing thorough research before signing up with a broker. Look for a broker with a top-notch license and ensure they have the services you need before opening an account. 

We Found the Following Problems With WillFX:

  • Not regulated

  • Poor website content
  • No transparency
  • No contact information
  • Bad reviews

What if You Have an Account with WillFX? 

If you have an account with WillFX, we urge you to close it immediately and ask for a withdrawal of your funds. If the broker does not return your funds, you must report it and file a claim. ReportScamOnline will assist you with your claim and can help you retrieve your funds from the blockchain or through a chargeback or wire recall.

Fund Recovery from WillFX

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