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Is Truexpotion 247 a Legitimate or Scam Broker? Find out!

Truexpotion 247 is a broker that calls itself on its website“one of the fastest growing in the world.” On brokers’ websites and in advertisements, always beware of superlatives and extravagant statements that are not supported. There is some poor writing on the website, such as statements that the brokers have “practical experience” which of course, any broker should have and is stating the obvious. 

What Is the Issue with Truexpotion 247? Read the Following: 

Truexpotion 247 offers accounts with minimums ranging from $200 to $5,000 and the number of bonuses increases depending on the amount of the deposit. Truexpotion 247 says it offers trading of forex, CFDs, stocks and other trading products. None of this is necessarily a problem, but what is disturbing is that Truexpotion 247 has clearly fake testimonials and a false address. 

The worst thing about Truexpotion 247 is that it falsely claims to have a license. It says it is located in California and is licensed, yet after checking the SEC website, this broker does not appear at all. 

Is Truexpotion 247 a Scam Broker? Here Are Some Red Flags

The following are red flags for Truexpotion 247:

  • Fake claims of licensing
  • Poorly written website
  • Encourages extremely high deposits with bonuses
  • Fake testimonials
  • False contact information

If You Have an Account with Truexpotion 247 Broker

Close your account and ask for your money back. If you can’t get a withdrawal contact ReportScamOnline experts right away. We will consult with you and will guide you on the road to fund recovery. The ReportScamOnline team has combined decades of experience dealing with hundreds of financial institutions.

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