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Is TheFutureGuard a Legitimate or Scam Broker? Find out! 

TheFutureGuard is a decentralized finance scheme that says it is reaching out with financial services to the unbanked population. This may seem noble, but according to many customer reviews, it is seeking mainly to gain by fooling the public rather than benefiting them. Let’s look further. 

What Is the Issue with TheFutureGuard? Read the Following: 

It is hard to find background information about TheFutureGuard because there are no details about the people who run it or transparency about how they run their services. The site has a poor trust index. 

Also, we could not find an indication of any licenses or contact information. This is clearly a service that doesn’t want its customers to get to know it. Negative reviews discussed high fees, customers urged to send money to several countries or being charged high “taxes” on accounts. 

Although not all customer reviews are authentic, there are many serious statements made about TheFutureGuard that it is worthwhile to take them seriously. We would urge customers to avoid this financial service. 

Is TheFutureGuard a Scam Broker? Here Are Some Red Flags

  • No license
  • No transparency
  • Negative reviews
  • High fees

If You Have an Account with TheFutureGuard Broker

Close your account and ask for your money back. If you can’t get a withdrawal contact ReportScamOnline experts right away. We will consult with you and will guide you on the road to fund recovery. The ReportScamOnline team has combined decades of experience dealing with hundreds of financial institutions.

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