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Is  HK Kaiser Intl a Scam Broker? 

HK Kaiser Intl may seem like a reputable broker. Its site warns about the risks of trading CFDs and it offers flexible trading choices, such as direct trading. It may sound like a regulated broker, but that is because its name was meant to mimic a regulated broker based in Hong Kong called Kaiser Futures Limited. This broker is regulated by the SFC, but HK Kaiser Intl is not. In fact the Hong Kong regulator, SFC has warned against HK Kaiser Intl. 

Is  HK Kaiser Intl a Scam or Legit Broker?

A warning by a top regulator should always be taken seriously. There is no benefit from opening an account with HK Kaiser Intl. Without the warning from SFC, what were the signs that this is a broker scam? There was no information n the About Us section. Not knowing who your brokers are is a red flag. 

Here are some problems we have discovered from our research on HK Kaiser Intl and reviews:  

  • A clone of a legitimate broker
  • Warning from the SFC
  • Bad text on the site and it is not user friendly
  • No people mentioned in the About Us section

ReportScamOnline has looked carefully at HK Kaiser Intl and determined that it is not a reliable broker.  Do not open an account with this broker. If you have lost money to this broker scam, consult with our professionals and provide details about your case. ReportScamOnline has a track record of successful fund recovery and will help you retrieve your funds. 

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