File a Complaint against GalaxyTradings

Should You Trade with GalaxyTradings? 

Galaxy Tradings sounds like a cosmic name for a broker, but given what we could find out about it, the broker might as well be located in outer space. We could not find any evidence of a current brokerage license or the names of the people who run this broker. Without this information, it is impossible to know whether or not Galaxy Trading is reliable and should be trusted. 

There Are Some Things You Should Know Before Trading with GalaxyTradings? 

The main problem with GalaxyTradings is the lack of a license and the fact that it has little or no transparency. We do not know who is running this brokerage and therefore, it is not worth the risk. A regulator will protect customers and provide ground rules for the broker. Customers who have a dispute can bring their claim to the regulator. However, anyone who opens an account with GalaxyTradings is in the dark and is taking too much of a risk. 

We Found the Following Problems With GalaxyTradings

  • Not regulated

  • No transparency
  • No contact information
  • Bad reviews

What if You Have an Account with GalaxyTradings? 

If you have an account with Galaxy Tradings we urge you to close it immediately and ask for a withdrawal of your funds. If the broker does not return your funds, you should report it and file a claim. ReportScamOnline will assist you with your claim and can help you retrieve your funds from the blockchain or through a chargeback or wire recall.

Fund Recovery from GalaxyTradings

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