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Is DualMine a Legitimate or Scam Broker? Find out! 

Dualmine is one of many crypto companies that offers a chance to invest in cryptocurrency mining. The name comes from the idea that the customer can mine two cryptocurrencies at once. The website is adequate, and customers are given the opportunity to choose cryptocurrencies and receive coins. The service claims that it has its own blockchain and coin. Is this a real opportunity or is it a scam? 

What Is the Issue with DualMine? Read the Following

There is little information about the actual people behind DualMine. It looks like it could be a legitimate business, but there isn’t any indication of a license. The aspect of this service that is the most concerning is that customers will invest with various types of mainstream cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin and ethereum, but instead of being given the same cryptocurrencies in return, they are paid through cryptonits. Although this is a real form of currency, it is less high profile than bitcoin and ethereum. 

Is DualMine a Scam Broker? Here Are Some Red Flags

  • No license
  • No transparency
  • Accepts bitcoin and ethereum and returns money in cryptonits
  • Poorly written web content

If You Have an Account with DualMine Broker

Close your account and ask for your money back. If you can’t get a withdrawal contact ReportScamOnline experts right away. We will consult with you and will guide you on the road to fund recovery. The ReportScamOnline team has combined decades of experience dealing with hundreds of financial institutions.

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