Crypto Scam List 2022

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, look before you leap. The following list of brokers and crypto services should be an essential tool before trading. That is because every name on the list has been flagged as a suspected scam. This is not just based on a few negative customer reviews but is after careful investigation of each broker and service. 

ReportScamOnline has a team of experts on online frauds of all types. More recently, we have increased our focus on crypto schemes because of the rapid increase in the number of dishonest crypto brokers and fake platforms.

 The scale of these frauds has outstripped the resources to stop them. Although law enforcement is increasing its crypto departments and crypto platforms are starting to find ways to deal with fraud on their platforms, these reforms are not happening as quickly enough to keep up pace with the growth of fraudulent crypto schemes. 

That is why we have dedicated our efforts to assisting clients to recover from crypto scams and to suggest preventive measures, such as doing thorough research on brokers before opening an account. 

Research doesn’t mean simply checking for a license or looking at customer reviews. Many customer reviews are not genuine but are created by those associated with the scheme to boost its reputation. Other reviews can be smear campaigns produced by competitors. 

Licenses can also be counterfeit. Many consumers don’t check the regulator’s website to confirm claims of licensing. Also, it is important to look for a license not from just any regulator, but from those who provide oversight and protect customers. 

These reviews provide value because of the expert tools and methods we used to produce them. All of the information is there at the click of a button. If you want to find out more about any of these brokers, click on a name for a full review. 

The brokers may have ended up on this list for at least one of these reasons, and in most cases, for several: 

  • No license or offshore license

  • Non-compliance

  • False guarantees or claims

  • Negative reputation

  • Official warnings

If you have an account with any of the brokers on this list, close the account and request a withdrawal. If the broker is a scam, it is unlikely you will receive your money back without a fight or at least assistance from third-party crypto professionals. That is why you should also contact us for a consultation.

Crypto Broker Blacklist